DISA is an Australia wide non-partisan educational and support organisation, dedicated to the future health, welfare and integrity of dachshunds.  Its motto is “We’ve got your back” and its primary focus is to broaden awareness about IVDD, which is now one of the biggest health issues within the breed.

IVDD is a genetic disease with no current cure.  At this point in time the only way to reduce the incidence of IVDD is X-Ray screening and scoring on dachshunds between 24-48 months of age.  The aim of X-ray screening for IVDD is to reduce the occurrence of herniations, by encouraging breeding with dogs that have low numbers of calcifications. This will then assist with ethical breeding programs, to help reduce this disease.

Prospective owners

Owning a dachshund has become very “on trend”, in fact it seems that “everyone wants a sausage dog”.  With this comes an overwhelming demand to supply a dog that should come with a warning label!

DISA educates and provides resources to prospective owners about the intricacies of owning a long bodied, low to the ground sausage dog, so they can become a little more “dachie-educated”.  Words such as disc disease, IVDD and stubbornness aren’t ones that are freely handed over by someone who has carelessly bred a dachshund, without ever considering the future integrity of the breed.  IVDD is genetic, with careful breeding practices, this disease doesn’t need to be so insidious.  Not everyone understands what it’s like to watch your fur child become paralysed, and the toll it takes on families, both emotionally and financially.

Owners with non IVDD dogs

As a part of its support and education profile DISA provides material and support, with the key objective to encourage IVDD awareness, including symptoms and what to do should it ever happen to their dog.

Owners with IVDD dogs

Should the unthinkable ever happen DISA provides owners the support, guidance and advice to ensure they are armed to make well informed decisions regarding the care and/or treatment of their dog.



If you've ever been through a disc episode with your dog, you'll understand what a stressful and overwhelming time it can be. That's why DISA exists - our admin, volunteers and members are dedicated to helping pet owners in times of need.