We are a breed-specific NFP charity managed by a small group of dedicated volunteers.  We aim to –

  • Promote community awareness about Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) in dachshunds & other primary health issues.
  • Advocate for the education of dachshund owners in the awareness of IVDD.
  • Provide advocacy and support to owners who have dachshunds affected by IVDD.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated, whether you join us as a sponsor, supporter or as a volunteer.  Your contribution will help us to continue providing awareness, education and support to owners of dachshunds Australia wide.



Minimum $500 per annum.
Sponsorship runs for a period of 12 months commencing from the date of the first contribution.

The package can be paid in full at the beginning of the Sponsorship or invoiced quarterly in advance.


Website page
SPONSORS OF DISA Logo Feature linking back to sponsor’s website/Facebook page.Monthly listing on DISA Facebook Page & Support Forum
& Instagram including Story Spotlights and Shoutouts

Monthly listing in DISA Mail included discounts (if offered)

Supporter Feature as requested on Facebook Page & also in DISA Mail.

Promotion on DISA Support Forum when discounts are offered to owners of IVDD Dachshunds

Advertising & Merchandising –
Online Raffles – if products are contributed
Dog Lovers Shows – Marketing on the stall

Seminars & events held by DISA – Marketing at event

*DISA holds a current Google Ads Grant enabling us to promote and advertise Sponsors via our website Sponsor Page.

**DISA will promote and advertise upon request special features provided content and graphics are provided by the Sponsor.

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Qualification: Annual cash donation or provision of goods for fundraising totalling $100 or more per financial year July/June

DISA Cash Donation Supporters will receive discounts on products listed on DISA Shop, a Stroller Badge “We’ve Got Your Back (Value $20) and access to One on One Support with a DISA Volunteer (one session).

Supporters who donate products for fundraising purposes shall receive promotion/acknowledgement during the delegated fundraiser.

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Ready to become a Volunteer?

Our organisation is a registered charity and as such we are required to undertake certain compliance matters when volunteers are accepted into the organisation.

To get things started, download, complete and return by email the DISA Volunteer Registration Form (link below).  You will find a list of current Volunteer Vacancies on Page 3.

DISA Volunteer Registration Download

or to know more about becoming a DISA Volunteer we welcome you to email or call us to have a chat!
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