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of dachshunds affected by IVDD

IVDD Assist
(an initiative of Dachshund IVDD Support Australia)



owned by Courtney Amber Olsson & Brad Thomas, Melbourne Victoria

IVDD Assist is thrilled to announce Chole (owned by Courtney Amber Olsson & Brad Thomas) as the first recipient of this program.

IVDD Assist was launched on the 1st January as an initiative by DISA https://www.ivdd.org.au/ to afford owners a much needed leg up, and this adorable little girl, who turned 6 on the 17th December, most certainly needs a little help!

Chloe’s journey hasn’t been an easy one, IVDD signs appeared the previous year when she went through conservative crate rest twice in 3 months, both times bouncing back as good as new.

But as is the nature of this disease, which is like a time bomb waiting to go off, for Chole it was a day in August 2017 when she stopped being her happy self, chasing birds and didn’t want to move.

That night she was taken to the Vet and within a very short time she relapsed rapidly to grade 5 and referred to a Specialist. On the 11th August 2017 Chloe underwent surgery (T11/12) and was given a 70% chance of recovery (e.g. it might take her 5 weeks to get feeling back, 3 months, or maybe not at all).

The weeks following surgery were difficult. Chloe was “held for ransom” by the specialist being told she couldn’t leave until she could pee or walk on her own ….at $250 a day 😱 😱 . Suffice it to say she was busted out of jail and went into the care of her Vet when finally, 2 weeks 2 days later she came home and newborn nappies and a $12 K-Mart cat snuggler bed became everyone’s best friend.

Over the ensuing months we have followed Chloe’s journey on DISA’s Support Group. She is trying her little heart out, taking baby steps and truly showing the typical never say never dachshund attitude!

Her furmum Courtney has been fortunate to work from home and her vet, who is also experienced in rehab and physio, has guided her with home therapy. This coupled with hydrotherapy has been crucial in her recovery.

But now, 4 months on, she needs a little encouragement to get those legs moving. She does really well during hydrotherapy however, despite a few times when she does stand, she thinks the ground is for sitting on and sits there quite happily watching the world pass by.

It’s been proven that wheels can actually fast track rehab and encourage the use of the back legs so, IVDD Assist will be gifting Chloe a set of wheels from Aussie Dog Wheelchairs https://www.aquapaws.com.au/a/Home/Aussie_Dog_Wheelchairsplus an assessment and fitting with the fantastic team at Dogs in Motion https://www.dogsinmotion.com.au/

We truly hope that Chloe enjoys her new-found freedom which may also give her the initiative to get those little legs moving once again. It not, that’s ok too as chicks in wheels are hot!!

With love from your friends at IVDD Assist – An initiative by Dachshund IVDD Support Australia “We’ve got your back”

On the 30 Jan 2018 Chloe was fitted with a shiny set of new wheels!