Proudly supporting Australian owners
of dachshunds affected by IVDD

IVDD Assist
(an initiative of Dachshund IVDD Support Australia)



Owner by Russell, Geelong Victoria

Digby is an adorable wire haired boy from Victoria who went down with IVDD Grade 5 in September 2018 and subsequently underwent emergency surgery.

Since surgery he has undergone a full regime of physiotherapy and hydrotherapy in the hope he would fire up those little legs and start walking his stuff once again!  It had also been noted by his physio that he needed to build up his back legs as, despite all the therapies,  he was still struggling to find the strength to stand.  One of his therapists suggested the use of a TEN/EMS to see if this type of stimulation would aid in stimulation and building up of muscles.  Remarkably, over the ensuing weeks, he started to wobbly stand and take a few steps!

The team on DISA’s Support Group also became aware of the improvements and also that the loan machine needed to be returned.  So, because this little guy really did need a “leg up”, IVDD Assist came to the rescue and through the generosity and support of Jordan from Animal Rehabilitation Australia Digby received his own TENS/EMS machine in the mail early this week.

On behalf of our Supporters, Team DISA & IVDD Assist we trust our gift helps Digby continue to improve – we love that we are able to help those hounds whose owners have given so much and truly need a little leg up.

As always “We’ve got your back”.