Proudly supporting Australian owners
of dachshunds affected by IVDD

IVDD Assist
(an initiative of Dachshund IVDD Support Australia)



DJ was 15 when he went down with IVDD Grade 3 on July 9th 2018 and due to his age has been treated conservatively.  He had deep pain sensation which was a good sign that he could possibly walk again.  DJ’s owner Vicki started acupuncture treatment twice weekly with Dr. Alan Clark Vet Acupuncturist based in Guildford Victoria and commenced hydrotherapy at home in the spa every night exercising his legs to get movement underway and also bought an infra-red heat lamp to assist with healing.

DJ was also introduced to “sling” walking using an Airlift Harness and 4 months after his original paralysis he started to walk unassisted with his WiggleLess Back Brace donated by Dachshund IVDD Support Australia via its IVDD Assist Program.  The brace has helped immensely with him being able to stand and walk once again, offering stabilisation and support.

DJ turned 16 in September and now is up and about daily and is a true inspiration – as we say often at DISA “Never say never to a dachshund”.