Proudly supporting Australian owners
of dachshunds affected by IVDD

IVDD Assist
(an initiative of Dachshund IVDD Support Australia)



Willow, a tiny mini dachshund who is just shy of her fifth birthday, sadly fell victim to the dreaded IVDD.  At that time, she spent 8 weeks under conservative care and despite a minor deficit with her left leg, she was able to continue living a new normal.

As we know, there is no guarantee that IVDD won’t re-occur, even after surgery. Sadly, in early 2018 Willow went down once again, this time far worse and despite a week of crate rest, she was deteriorating. (paralysis & incontinent)

Willow’s pawrents live in a small town in Queensland, with limited specialist resources in the field of IVDD. It was decided to send to her Mackay, 200 kms away where she remained under treatment with a vet for 3 weeks.

She arrived home in early June and following an adjustment in her medication, acupuncture and physio can now control herself to go to the toilet and is attempting to take steps (especially for meal time).

IVDD Assist decided Willow (and her family) needed a little leg up and donated a WiggleLess Back Brace and Pawz Dog Boots to help Willow with her journey. The lovely people at Rose-Hip Vital Canine also hopped on board and donated Willow a bottle of orangey goodness – many owners know how beneficial this is to hounds who are IVDD sufferers.

We are delighted to share her first video wearing her WiggleLess and Pawz – her pawrents report it’s the most steps she has taken since coming home, and just look at the little tail wag!

It is early days but as we know with IVDD, it’s patience, it’s one day at a time and most importantly – never say never to a dachshund.

Eight weeks later –

Willow’s pawrents report that she is now doing great.  She’s back walking and running after a lot more crate rest. She’s still in her crate for most of the day and still a little wobbly (which is a new normal for many IVDD hounds) .