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Aussie Dog Wheelchairs (canine carts) are Australian made and owned.They are designed to assist dogs with spinal and neurological problems, including Degenerative Myelopathy and recovery after surgery.

Dogs that suffer with Degenerative Joint Disease (Arthritis) and Hip Dysplasia can also benefit by using our Wheelchair as it will assist with their mobility by taking stress of the hind limbs and prevent falls which may cause injury.

They are also a perfect solution to assist your dog after spinal surgery to encourage rehabilitation if you are not able to access a Canine Rehabilitation Facility or an Animal Physiotherapist.

We are the only company that will buy your wheelchair back for half price after you finish with it!

Dogs in Motion

Canine Rehabilitation Services located in Melbourne Victoria

Australia’s first Canine Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy Clinic opened in 2002
Leaders in canine rehabilitation services | State of the art facilities


LeadOnDogs makes Plaited Kangaroo Leather Dog leads for walking and showing. We are a team of 3: Poppy (ivdd survivor), Jess and Me. Our leads are hand crafted from soft, supple Kangaroo Leather. Having learned through practical experience about ivdd, we want to help others through this terrible ordeal. So we are donating 10% of the price of our LeadOn Whiskey Dog lead to DISA. The Whiskey is a great walking lead for our snags and doubles as a great showing lead for their bigger relatives.

Poppy, I am happy to say, has made a terrific recovery.

Canine Physical Rehabilitation

Canine Physical Rehabilitation provides first class, professional rehabilitation services to dogs going through a Conservative, Postoperative or Geriatric period.

Having worked in the Veterinary industry for over 15 years, Sarah saw that there was very little support for clients and their pets following a really stressful and expensive operation. Seeing that there wasn’t a lot on offer in terms of further study, Sarah spent 2 years travelling to the states to bring new knowledge back to Australia by becoming Certified in Canine Rehabilitation Assistance.

Sarah will work along side your Veterinary Surgeon to ensure all ‘red flags’ are addressed before they become big problems.

Some important info > DISA is registered to lawfully collect donations and fundraise and holds a “Certificate of Sanction” CP6223,  This enables DISA to conduct appeals for support to the public pursuant to the Collections Act 1966 (Queensland).
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If you've ever been through a disc episode with your dog, you'll understand what a stressful and overwhelming time it can be. That's why DISA exists - our admin, volunteers and members are dedicated to helping pet owners in times of need.