Proudly supporting Australian owners
of dachshunds affected by IVDD

A DISA initiative available to Australian owners of dachshunds affected by IVDD

Loaning & gifting IVDD Aids 

DISA has been providing voluntary support, awareness and education throughout the Australian dachshund community since July 2013.  During this time they have helped and guided owners offering gentle words of support and advice at a time when they are often incredibly overwhelmed.

Once an owner has decided on a treatment pathway for their hounds, whether that be conservative or surgical, we also understand how important (and how helpful) IVDD aids can be during the healing & recovery process.

Current statistics indicate that 1 in 4 dachshunds will be affected by IVDD, in some form, during their lifetime. We have seen first hand the increase in requests for assistance and advice via our website and Facebook Support Group, and sadly we can’t see it slowing down anytime soon.


Some important info > DISA is registered to lawfully collect donations and fundraise and holds a “Certificate of Sanction” CP6223,  This enables DISA to conduct appeals for support to the public pursuant to the Collections Act 1966 (Queensland).
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