My love affair with dachshunds started 30 years ago after watching them being judged at the Royal Melbourne Show. It was there that I met a breeder who sensed I was smitten; as I walked away she said “If you want a dog that can jump and run for miles and doesn’t break, get yourself a cattle dog, but if you want a dog that will love you unconditionally and melt your heart, get yourself a dachshund”. I never really understood what she meant until 2 years later when my love affair became a reality, but more importantly, until one of my dachshunds “broke” on the 20th June 2013.



My passion for dachshunds first began many years ago as a young adult when a friend of mine used to have them. I pretty much fell in love and, well, the rest is history. Now I am currently owned by two adorable miniature dachshunds who are British born and bred Lottie and Duke aka ‘The Royals’. However, I got my first dachshund Schultz in 2000. A very regal short haired standard red. In 2007 he went down to IVDD. He was rushed to the vet and had surgery the very same day and went on to make a full recovery. He sadly passed over the bridge in March 2015 just shy of 15 due to old age.



Growing up my family always had rescue dogs; the only Dachshund I knew was a very snarly girl down the street, she would have taken your hand off if you looked at her. That did not stop me admiring the breed, after moving out of the family home, I had a few rescue dogs which I loved dearly, but the dream of a dachshund was still around. In December 2001 I rescued a beautiful little boy, he was not a dachshund but a toy poodle cross schnauzer, but he stole my heart. When I rescued him, he was living in a small concrete courtyard, scrounging for any food he could find, with dreadlocks to the ground of mattered hair from not being groomed or properly cared for; but he was the gentlest soul and so the dream of owning a Dachshund was shelved as having 3 dogs was already enough.



Andrea had always heard that dachshunds were susceptible to back problems and in 2013 she learned first-hand how serious these said back problems could be when her dog, Vader, ruptured a disc in his lower back. Vader’s disc rupture was so severe, his surgeon wasn’t convinced that surgery would be successful, claiming it was one of the worst ruptures he had come across.



If you've ever been through a disc episode with your dog, you'll understand what a stressful and overwhelming time it can be. That's why DISA exists - our admin, volunteers and members are dedicated to helping pet owners in times of need.