Tips & tricks for hind walking your hound

It’s not uncommon for Dachshunds to become very weak or paralysed following an IVDD episode.  Some may not be able to move their legs at all and others may be able to move their hind legs but unable to take proper steps (drunk walking)

Without any assistance, these dogs either fall or drag their hind legs along the ground when trying to walk.  It’s not advisable to let your dog drag itself along.  Firstly, dragging can injure the skin where it scrapes along the ground.  Secondly, your dog will find it very hard to walk properly again once it’s got into the habit of dragging itself along.

A good way to learn to walk is to be given some physical support while attempting to walk.  By doing this you are keeping your dog out of harm’s way and also re-training the action of walking.  PS: don’t forget to pop your dog on a lead as well to control its enthusiasm!

Slings can be something as simple as a dressing gown cord, folded or rolled towel, tights (pantyhose), shopping bag or specialised harnesses such as GingerLead Support Sling or Support Sling by DISA.

Check out the videos & photos below for ideas!

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