Shark Dental Chews 150g **SOLD OUT**


Made from sustainable, 100% Australian caught North Queensland Black Tip Shark skin.
NO preservatives. NO additives. NO artificial colours.

— 150 GRAMS —

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Shark skin strips are quite strong and chewy making them incredibly healthy dental aids and chews for most sized dogs.  This flake shark is caught off our northern Queensland waters in a sustainable fashion and dried by the same team and sent directly to our supplier. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Fish dog treats have a high natural level of omega 3 and 6 which have a lot of claimed health benefits for joints, skin and coat.

100% North Queensland Black Tip Shark skin. This shark is caught using sustainable practices with quota’s strictly managed by the Australian Fisheries. It is very common in our waters and not endangered.

PS:  They come in large pieces and it’s recommended that you cut them into small pieces/strips when feeding dachshunds.

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Weight 150 g


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