Support Sling by DISA – Unisex up to 8kg


Support Sling by DISA – it’s all about giving your hound a leg up during IVDD recovery.

Designed and handcrafted by dachshund owners for dachshunds featuring a suede backing and fleece lining (against the belly).  They simply slip around your dog’s girth and slide back to the rear legs to provide comfortable pelvic support.  The straps are webbing and fully adjustable to save the backs of owners and hounds alike!

The underbelly band measures approx 55cm.  Cuddle or sherpa fleece to the underside (belly), contrasting lined suede trim and completed with an adjustable 25cm webbing complete with D ring and slider which extends to a length of approx. 80cm.

Available in 7cm & 8cm widths.

NB:  The narrower bands can be more suitable for boys to accommodate “willy” room although it depends on the length of the dog.

NBB: If you require a sling for a hound over 8kg or is a “puller” or not trained to walk on a lead, a GingerLead would be more suitable as the webbing goes under the belly and there is a clip to attach to harness/lead giving more control.


It’s not uncommon for Dachshunds to become very weak or paralysed following an IVDD episode.  Some may not be able to move their legs at all and others may be able to move their hind legs but unable to take proper steps (drunk walking)

Without any assistance, these dogs either fall or drag their hind legs along the ground when trying to walk.  It’s not advisable to let your dog drag itself along.  Firstly, dragging can injure the skin where it scrapes along the ground.  Secondly, your dog will find it very hard to walk properly again once it’s got into the habit of dragging itself along.

A good way to learn to walk is to be given some physical support while attempting to walk.  By doing this you are keeping your dog out of harm’s way and also re-training the action of walking.  PS:  don’t forget sure you pop your dog on a lead as well to control your hound’s enthusiasm!


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Additional information

Band width

5cm, 7cm, 8cm, 9cm


Steel-Pink, Steel-Duck egg blue, Steel-Black White Camo, Black-Pink, Shiraz-Pink

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