The importance of rehabilitation whether being treated conservatively or surgically,  has proven to be paramount in a dachshund’s rehabilitation and future wellbeing following an IVDD event.

At DISA we cannot emphasise enough the importance after surgery that you discuss with your vet specialist an immediate referral to a rehabilitation facility.  The sooner the better normally recommended within a week after discharge as it is important that you are shown how to do the gentle exercises required to ensure you are doing the physio correctly so that muscle wastage is kept to a minimum during the crate rest period.  This also applies to the conservatively treated dog.   Once you are shown this you can then assist your dog at home during the healing process without loosing to much strength.

Each specialist centre has different time frames that they keep your dachshund in hospital for.  Some are discharged after 24hrs whereas some keep the dogs in for anything up to 2 weeks.  It really also depends on how severely affected your dog was and whether their post-operative management can be managed at home sufficiently.   Some vet practices also believe that your dachshund will heal and recover better in their own relaxed home environment.  So it all varies for each individual dog but the most important thing is that an after care rehabilitation plan is put in place on discharge and a referral as necessary is made.

Some dachshunds after surgery do very well and some do get up albeit gingerly within the first 24hrs and others do take a little longer.  If your dachshund is one of the lucky ones and your dog is walking the following day this does not mean you simply go home and resume normal life.   Its all about living the ‘new normal’.

To locate a provider in an area close you DISA has complied a list of rehabilitation specialists which have come highly recommended  to us.  Click here to access Rehab & Allied Services Australia Wide.

Hamish demonstrating how to sling walk

Helpful article on the benefits of Rehabilitation & Therapy click here – rehab-therapy-evidence


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