This list of IVDD Aids has been complied from the recommendations of owners who are members of  DISA’s IVDD Support Group.  Before making a decision please refer to our Disclaimer.

Custom embroidered patches/badges perfect to use on strollers when out and about with your IVDD hound. 200 x 100mm Order here
Belly Bands
Custom Made by DISA
for both boys & girls
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Custom made drag bag which now comes with additional harness for those dachshunds that prefer the security of the harness. The zip runs from tail to neck, making it easy to dress your dog and there is elastic at the waist. The elastic does not need to be tight, it is there simply for flexibility.

Made from exclusive material imported from the UK that is used for moving and handling patients in hospital as it’s tough and is scuff resistant, though it is not designed for outdoor use.
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The GingerLead is a premium dog support sling with an integrated leash & handle to help dogs with weak hind legs walk. Ideal for assisting dogs with the recovery and rehabilitation after back, hip or knee injuries or orthopedic surgeries.  Great for Dachshunds with IVDD!  
GingerLeads also help aging or disabled dogs needing some help with their mobility or balance, dogs with arthritis, degenerative myelopathy or other debilitating conditions.  Available in sizes for toy to giant breed dogs.  Adjustable for height and machine washable.  Made in USA.
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Aussie Dog Wheelchairs
(Melbourne Vic)

Australian made and owned. Perfect solution to assist your dachshund after spinal surgery to encourage rehabilitation if you are not able to access a Canine Rehabilitation facility or an Animal Physio.
Lightweight and have “All Terrain” wheels especially designed for our Aussie environment and lifestyle.
Wheels & Paws
(Gawler SA)

We have been manufacturing wheelchairs for small dogs after we saw that there was a need for them in Australia.
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Eddie’s Wheels

Eddie’s Wheels designs and manufactures custom dog wheelchairs and wheelchairs for a variety of handicapped pets.
Walkin’ Wheels

Available from:
Dogs in Motion – Moorabbin Vic
Pets Need A Life Too – Semaphore SA
Animal Physiotherapy Solutions – QLD & NSW
Back Brace
(now available direct from DISA!)

When used as directed, the WiggleLess® dog back brace offers firm support, back stability and stress relief for your dog.
L’il Back Bracer
Back Brace
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Pawz Dog Boots
Natural rubber dog boots
Disposable, reusable and waterproof
Doggie Tid Bits

Hand crafted Folding Dog Ramps

Australia Wide
Pick up in Melbourne metro or Delivery (fee applies)

Shipping available at purchaser's expense

30cm wide, 90cm in length, adjustable between approx. 30cm and 40cm in height.

These ramps are designed to fold for storage or transport, the ramp surface is covered in carpet to make it low slip and has rubber stoppers on the bottom so it does not slide on smooth surfaces like polished floor boards or tiles.

Hand Crafted and ready for your little one to get on and off furniture safely.

$100 with a percentage donated to DISA.

All ramps are made to order so can be adjusted to suit your needs.
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Pawz Up 4 Dogs
Dog Ramps Steps

Gold Coast local area ONLY.
Pick up or Delivery (fee applies)
NO shipping available.
Custom Made dog ramps & steps for small or senior dogs to reach the bed or couch.

Prices vary for breed of dog/size of ramp.

"Not fancy, but functional"...

Non slip matting may be added or extra carpet strips for a more secure feeling.
They can be made in different sizes /strengths for all dog breeds at varying heights & widths.
Colour match your decor.
Indoor use only.
**Waterproof treated ply may be used at an extra cost for outdoor use.
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