Christine Davis

Executive – President

My love affair with dachshunds started 30 years ago after watching them being judged at the Royal Melbourne Show. It was there that I met a breeder who sensed I was smitten; as I walked away she said “If you want a dog that can jump and run for miles and doesn’t break, get yourself a cattle dog, but if you want a dog that will love you unconditionally and melt your heart, get yourself a dachshund”

Jane Simoni

Executive – Secretary

Jane, who is from Brisbane QLD, is our Secretary Extraordinaire who has chosen to use her awesome administrative talents quietly in the background to keep DISA running smoothly.  Jane loves being a Dachshund Nanna and has shared her love with our President’s beloved doggies since 2006.  Of course, Maggie and Morrison are very happy with this arrangement.

Pauline Coote

Executive – Treasurer

In 1970 I became owned by a beautiful 12 month old pedigree standard black & tan smooth coat dachshund who I named Petals. She had been bought into the Blacktown Vet Clinic where I worked to be PTS as owners were moving. Russell Dickens would not do it, so the next day she was desexed & came to live the rest of her life as part of our family. That was the start of my dachshund love affair.  My first dog to be struck with IVDD was Miss Muffet (mini bl/tan wire hair aged 14).  She had a cardiac condition & was most unhappy so I assisted her over the rainbow bridge. A sad day but the right decision. 

Helga Klausgraber

Victorian Co-Ordinator

Hi, my name is Helga Klausgraber. My passion for dachshunds first began many years ago as a young adult when a friend of mine used to have them. I pretty much fell in love and, well, the rest is history. Now I am currently owned by two adorable miniature dachshunds who are British born and bred Lottie and Duke aka ‘The Royals’. However, I got my first dachshund Schultz in 2000. A very regal short haired standard red. In 2007 he went down to IVDD. He was rushed to the vet and had surgery the very same day and went on to make a full recovery. He sadly passed over the bridge in March 2015 just shy of 15 due to old age.

Andrea Terlich

Team Graphic Designer

Andrea had always heard that dachshunds were susceptible to back problems and in 2013 she learned first hand how serious these said back problems could be when her dog, Vader, ruptured a disc in his lower back. Vader’s disc rupture was so severe, his surgeon wasn’t convinced that surgery would be successful, claiming it was one of the worst ruptures he had come across.

Rich Moss

Support Group Admin

Hi, I’m Rich, a Kiwi living on the Sunshine Coast. I have a work background in Mental Health and in a volunteer capacity for over 16 years with a Youth Crisis Phoneline, acting as a counsellor, group facilitator, mentor to the trainees and Senior Mentor to the Mentor Team. This work changed my life. My last job back in NZ was as a receptionist/clerical admin. for a charity who work with families who have a member/members with mental illness. I still look after their website.

Carol Green

Marketing & Promotions Team Leader

Carol fell in love with Dachshunds when she was introduced to them by a friend.  After moving back to Port Macquarie to care for her parents, Carol could finally grow a Dachshund family.  First Fleur a lovely red mini (in name only) girl joined our family.  Fleur is a gentle soul who loves a snuggle on everyone’s knee.  When Fleur was younger, she had some twinges in her spine so we cut out all steps we could, and Fleur hasn’t had any further issues with her spine.  Fleur does suffer from severe grass allergies and Eczema In her paws.  Fleur is 10 years old.  We decided Fleur needed a friend as she suffered from separation anxiety and Poppy joined our family. 

Janelle Beasley

FNQ Co-Ordinator

Janelle’s love for dachshunds began in 2008 when she got her first dachshund Maurice, a long haired standard black and tanned. He was advertised as a short haired mini… but as the months went on he proved to be not even close to that description! On his first birthday that fell around Christmas time, Janelle’s family gifted Maurice with a little sister, Meisha, a shorted haired standard. They had several wonderful years together until Meisha reached the age of 4 when she was sadly diagnosed with IVDD. Her condition deteriorated very quickly and she was completely incontinent with a 5% chance of surgical success. Unfortunately, Meisha lost her fight with IVDD. 

Volunteering for DISA

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