Pick-up from various Australian locations

As our motto states, ‘we’ve got your back!  We all know that crate rest is the first thing your dog will need after they show any signs or symptoms of IVDD.  We have tried to make it as simple as possible for you as when this happens as it’s not uncommon to go into a ‘brain freeze’ not knowing where to begin.

Crates are available for purchase in ACT, Victoria, Sunshine Coast QLD, South Australia & Western Australia.
Crates are available for loan from Goulburn NSW.

How to order :-

Step 1 – Check closest available location & phone crate holder to arrange collection (Click on Pickup Locations button below)
Step 2 – Contact DISA to arrange pickup or delivery by sending DISA a direct message via  Facebook Messenger or Get in Touch
Step 3 – Visit DISA Shop and make payment (Click on Order & Pay button below) 


If you've ever been through a disc episode with your dog, you'll understand what a stressful and overwhelming time it can be. That's why DISA exists - our admin, volunteers and members are dedicated to helping pet owners in times of need.