Owner’s stories about their IVDD hounds


Our lives were forever changed on the Saturday of Easter weekend. 26/3/2016.

I was already a member of the IVDD group, not out of necessity, but because I knew Chrissy and had friends who’d had their precious ones go down to this and just wanted to support the group in any way. We’d also had a Dachshund go down with IVDD over 20 years ago and I didn’t know there were options then. I had also had spinal surgery just this past January, and had been a Paramedic for 30 years, so I had a good knowledge of spinal conditions and what to expect. I felt for these fur babies.


It was a total surprise to get home from work and find Leonard dragging himself over to greet me at the back door. I’d had a long day and I couldn’t believe that something else could go wrong.

Although I knew about IVDD, I didn’t know enough to recognise it straight away, especially as our dogs had always passed their vet checks, including a feel of their spines. But I knew that something was seriously wrong so I called the After Hours Vets and took him in.